Coming Fall 2022. KINGS CHURCH


282 King St, Saint Stephen


St. Stephen Location Pastor


Assistant Pastor


Children's Pastor


We are so excited to bring Kings Church to St. Stephen and we are currently preparing for our launch in October 2022.

We are one church in many locations, St. Stephen being the newest campus. At all campuses, we come together on one mission: That all people in all places would embrace the life-saving power of King Jesus.

We desire to be a church where everyone feels welcome, where there is unity, and great fellowship. We are a Staff and Volunteer team that come from all walks of life and are united through one main thing: Jesus Christ. We will be a church where God refreshes those that have become distant through COVID, where people can re-connect, where people walk in the door and feel welcomed, loved and become part of a church community. Where everyone is welcome regardless of what hurts, habits or hang-ups are in your life; if we are being honest we all have them.

We will be a church that is not contained by its walls, a church that takes God to their workplace, school, home, out on the street and everywhere they go. A church that shows practical love and acceptance to the lost. A church that comes around and supports those in need, all needs, not just the needs that are comfortable. A church that truly understands the stresses and anxiety of daily life, where there is no judgement for those dealing with mental health injuries or illness, a church that through God’s love strives to find a way to impact every person, in every situation. A church that is not known by its building but is known by the impact that God is having on the community and the abundance of the Fruit of the Spirit shown through its people.


As a church, we are passionate about meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in Jesus’ name. If you need prayer or help please contact us. We are here for you. To those who are able to help, we would love for you to join us in prayer and mission.

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